Please Help Save the Last of the Redwoods
Ancient Forest Action Alert

The biggest unprotected trees in the world are slated to fall by March 24, 2002

Under the Headwaters deal, Charles Hurwitz' Pacific Lumber (PALCO) was permitted to destroy habitat of the endangered marbled murrelet. Murrelets only nest in old growth. Their numbers are plummeting at 13% per year and could be extinct in California in 6 years. Their habitat is graded A through E. The E stands include the biggest trees and best habitat. PALCO has already cut the A through D sections and has now asked for final permission to begin falling the E sections. These are the creme de la creme: trees 15' in diameter, some groves never entered-no stumps, perfect: the forest primeval. All in all, the seven E sections comprise 6-700 acres of the finest redwoods on Earth. PALCO wants to level them all over the next three months.

Please act now and write:

Amidee Brickey - US Fish and Wildlife:

1655 Heindon Road, Arcata, California, 95521


Don Koch - California Department of Fish and Game

601 Locust Street, Redding, Ca. 96001

Ask them not to send out the final letters allowing PALCO to cut the E stands

The Habitat Conservation Plans that allow PALCO to kill marbled murrelets are based on old data. Since the deal was struck, unforeseen circumstances have arisen: two oil spills that killed marbled murrelets. We are asking that all cutting stop until a new tally of abundance is considered.

Ben White, International Coordinator of Animal Welfare Institute


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