RIGHT NOW President Bush is attempting to undo the Roadless Area Conservation Rule, one of the most popular forest conservation policies ever enacted, so that our national forests can be logged, mined and developed by his industry friends.

Time is running out. There are only 38 days left for you to register your official comment on President Bush's proposed changes. We need you to take action now by visiting

Please tell President Bush not to sell out our national treasures to his industry friends. Because once these forests are gone... they're gone forever.


Jane Danowitz,
Director Heritage Forest Campaign

P.S: If you would like to learn more about the Roadless Policy please download a free copy of our latest publication, "Protecting America's National Forests," at our website:

The 52-page booklet is designed to serve as a quick reference to the Roadless policy debate. It's full of important information that will help you understand the effect of the roadless policy in your region. I hope you will find it useful.

P.P.S: You are receiving this alert because you sent an email to the White House from our website or by responding to our message through the Juno Online Services.

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