Protecting The Tongass National Forest... Again

The Deadline For Comments Is September 10th

As director of NRDC's forests project, I've spent the last decade fighting for protection of the Tongass National Forest, the heart of the great Alaskan rainforest. I thought we could move on to other fights after our historic victory last January, when President Clinton announced a rule that would protect more than 58 million acres of wild areas in our national forests -- including the Tongass -- from logging, roadbuilding and other harmful development.

But now the Bush administration wants to abandon the new rule and dismantle this largest public land conservation effort in our nation's history.

We find ourselves back in the fight, and I am asking you and every other BioGems Defender to speak out to save the Tongass -- 500 miles of awe-inspiring Alaska coastline that supports the world's largest concentrations of grizzly bears, bald eagles and other rare wildlife. By law, the administration must accept public comments before it can change the rule. The deadline for these comments is September 10th, so please take a moment right now to visit and send a message urging the Bush administration not to reverse or weaken these landmark protections for the Tongass and our other national forests.

Thank you for helping to save our Alaskan rainforest.


Nathaniel Lawrence Forest Protection Project Director Natural Resources Defense Council

BioGems: Saving Endangered Wild Places A project of the Natural Resources Defense Council


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