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ARCHIVE 1 - Summer 2001

Help Save The Arctic Refuge

Sign this very important petition
to the President and Congress
urging them NOT to allow drilling
in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge,
our most magnificent wildlife sanctuary.

View Video

Tell The EPA
You Want Safe Arsenic Levels
In Our Drinking Water

Nukes - Climate Change Letter
Please sign the following letter regarding nuclear power and the Kyoto protocol.

Starbucks Under Fire
The Frankenbuck$ Campaign

Starbucks must address the genetic contamination of their chocolates,
baked goods, and bottled coffee beverages.
They have totally ignored our demands on removing GE ingredients from these products.

Organic Consumers Association

California's Deregulation Disaster
by Harvey Wasserman
Read this great new article about the
40 billion dollar and rising corporate fraud
on the American electric utility consumer.

Learn how nuclear energy got us into this and how renewable energies will get us out of it.

Hear Harvey talk about this in depth on
Art Bell
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Did you know that you can help us
from your home computer, or you can come
and help us in beautiful Siesta Key, Florida?
We seek positive, computer savvy, ecohumanepolitical beings.

US City Issues Its Own Currency
While dollars make us increasingly dependent on multinational corporations and bankers, HOURS reinforce community trading and expand commerce which is more accountable to our concerns for ecology and social justice.

How to Cut $55 Billion of
Wasteful and Environmentally
Harmful U.S. Spending

Green Scissors 2001 Report
Outlines 74 programs that, if cut,
would save taxpayers more than $55 billion
and protect our environment

Aging Nuclear Reactors
equals high probability of nuclear accidents. Will your homeowners
insurance cover the damages?

Weapons In Space
Karl Grossman explains the Outer Space Treaty and gives a history of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space. Praise for Karl Grossman's The Wrong Stuff: "Grossman's approach is simple and straightforward - present the problem, expose the lunacies, explain the alternatives, call for action.

Read Karl's latest article on

The Last Energy War
Utility deregulation is the biggest consumer rip-off since the S&L; debacle, activist Harvey Wasserman argues in this perceptive analysis. It has wider and more deadly implications: costs running to trillions of dollars, environmental threats, and the further delay of renewables like wind and solar energy.

Read Harvey's latest article about the big con:
California's Deregulation Disaster

Hear Harvey talk about this in depth on Art Bell

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Learn About World Hunger

By ordering
WFP's Free Map of World Hunger

Christian Children's Fund creates an environment of
hope and respect for needy children of all cultures
and beliefs in which they have opportunities
to achieve their full potential

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