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From Michael Mariotte of NIRS

Dear Friends,

We urge you to sign the following letter regarding nuclear power and the Kyoto protocol. George W. Bush recently released his climate change plan for the United States which includes, among other environmentally hazardous policies "Promoting new construction of nuclear capacity that could significantly reduce future greenhouse gas emissions." The administration is threatening to expedite license extensions and licenses for "advanced" reactors at the expense of safety. It is important that the rest of the world ignore this US position and find real, environmentally stable solutions to climate change, even if that means this current US administration rejects the Protocol. This letter will be presented to country delegates, press and other interested parties.

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Or you can fax to 202-462-2183.

Thank you Michael Mariotte

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Cindy Folkers 202 328.0002

Last day for sign-ons: July 10, 2001.

The undersigned US peace, environment and anti-nuclear groups are writing to urge you to exclude nuclear power from the Flexible Mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol at the Bonn meeting of the Conference of Parties (COP) this July. We note that at COP6 in The Hague last November the majority of Parties wanted to keep nuclear power out of the Kyoto Protocol, and a final decision to do so was only prevented by the collapse of the talks.

We particularly urge you to resist any US pressure to drop anti-nuclear language from the text as a condition of its involvement in further negotiations. Nuclear power gives rise to enormous environmental and social problems such as production of radioactive waste, the risk of catastrophic accidents and the threat of nuclear proliferation. The history of nuclear power in the US bears this out - the mounting piles of spent nuclear fuel and the Three Mile Island accident being the most notable examples. If nuclear power is subsidized through the Kyoto mechanisms it will destroy the environmental integrity of the Protocol, and divert resources from those clean, safe technologies that are the real solution to climate change. This is too high a price to pay for US involvement.

We look forward to a nuclear-free Kyoto Protocol emerging from the July talks in Bonn.



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